There is a massive selection of two berth motorhomes and campervans to choose from in the UK market, so it can be hard to know exactly which one is right for you. For those of you who are looking for one, our best 2 berth motorhome guide is sure to help.

If you’re thinking of buying a motorhome, it’s worth noting the difference between a 2 berth and a motorhome for couples – the latter doesn’t necessarily need to have two berths, and can instead offer more options. In contrast, a two berth is exactly that. Whether you are looking for the smallest, easiest to park and manoeuvre campervans and conversions, or ultimate luxury in coachbuilts and even A-class motorhomes, there is an option on this guide that could fit the bill.

Here, you’ll be able to find the model that our judges picked out as our winner at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2024, as well as our shortlisted contenders. This features models from some of the best motorhome brands, including Piloté, Carthago, Mobilvetta and more. You’ll also find the two berth motorhomes we shortlisted last year, along with our pick of some of the other standout models from recent years that have impressed us.

This year, we’ve chosen the Pilote Vega Van 600G X Edition as the best 2 berth motorhome on the market – we were impressed by features like the storage on offer in the kitchen, as well as the size of the bed.

The best 2 berth motorhome is:

Pilote Vega Van V 600G X Edition

Pilote Vega Van 600G X Edition
  • Price: £71,220
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MIRO: 2850kg
  • Payload: 650kg
  • Length: 5.99m
  • Width: 2.05m

Reasons to buy:

  • Great new bed size, fantastic kitchen storage, high kit level

Reasons to avoid

  • Van conversion body is relatively narrow compared with a coachbuilt

This season Pilote has updated what was already a perfectly serviceable 6m-long two berth motorhome by removing a cantilevered wardrobe that possibly made the rear transverse bed a bit claustrophobic and by extending the width of the bed so that it is now a whopping 150cm wide – quite possibly the same width as you would find in your bed at home.

The French company has also redesigned the kitchen in all of its van conversions, and as a result in this van you now probably have more than enough storage to take away everything you need for a tour for two. The X Edition also makes life easy by giving you a list of enviable extras at a set price. These features include a sun roof, alloy wheels, full LED lighting inside, USB ports in the front and back and Truma Combi 4 heating.

Also on the shortlist for the best two berth motorhome is:

S&L Apollo

S+L Apollo
  • Price: £73,950
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MIRO: 3050kg
  • Payload: 450kg
  • Length: 6.36m
  • Width: 2.26m

Reasons to buy:

  • Roomy rear lounge, ideal for all-year touring

Reasons to avoid:

  • Price ramps up as you add many of the options

This, the latest and most popular model from Selby-based van converters S&L, is heavily customisable but still manages to make it into our consideration as it comes with a set price and overall a standard rear lounge layout.

The Fiat Ducato conversion includes the kind of innovation you can perhaps only expect from a small producer – like the extra side window near the cab, the two kitchen extensions and a wardrobe with a hanging rail you can slide out – not something you see often in a van conversion. It should make a very comfy, and – given the sort of semi-lounge at the front – surprisingly roomy motorhome for two people. The fact that all plumbing is carried inside the van means it could be an all-year-round contender as well, just one of the features that saw it make its way into our best campervan guide.

Full review: S&L Apollo

Carthago C Tourer I/T 145 LE RB Superior

Carthago C Tourer I 145 LE Superior
  • Price: £115,080(Mercedes), £119,880 (Ducato)
  • Berths: 2/4
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • Payload: TBC
  • Length: 7.18m
  • Width: 2.27m

Reasons to buy:

  • Choice of two base vehicles, flexibility in specification

Reasons to avoid:

  • Kitchen is relatively small if you enjoy cooking

This, the only new model in Carthago’s line-up for the 2024 season, is not that different from the existing 143 LE layout, although you do have a choice in whether to opt for a low-profile or A-class version, a Fiat or Mercedes base vehicle (each time with an Al-Ko chassis), or whether to go for standard or (our preference) Superior spec.

Your end choice will affect the final overall length too. But as with so many other Carthago models, this is once again a very solidly built luxurious motorhome that will make touring a real pleasure, as you may expect from a ‘van we shortlisted for the best motorhome for full-time living.

Officially it comes as a four-berth, but you can opt to have the bed over the cab replaced by a set of very spacious lockers. In which case you would really have all the storage you need even for a very long tour.

Review: Carthago C Tourer I 145 RB LE Superior

Mobilvetta K Yacht Tekno Line K Yacht 59/2

  • Price: TBC
  • Berths: 2
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: TBC
  • Payload: TBC
  • Length: 5.99m
  • Width: 2.35m

Reasons to buy:

  • Classy-looking model that can now be driven on a B licence

Reasons to avoid:

  • Only two travel seats

Italian brand Mobilvetta’s nautically inspired K Yacht range has proved popular over the years. But for the past few seasons these A-classes have really only been available for those who have a C1 driving licence, because they have an MTPLM of 4400kg.

Full marks to Mobilvetta and its UK dealer Marquis Leisure, then, for introducing new models this season that do come in at 3500kg. They can only be two-berths, with no travelling seats in the back, but that’s what this category is all about – and that shouldn’t matter anyway, with the excellent 59/2 end washroom layout that is more or less designed for just the two of you. These Fiat-based vans have a manual gearbox, but if you are a fan of the gear lever, happy touring!

Wildax Pulsar

  • Price: £75,995
  • Berths: 2
  • Payload: TBC
  • MiRO: TBC
  • Length: 5.40m
  • Width: 2.05m

Reasons to buy:

  • Practical layout and a decent specification for a campervan

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not as much space as others in this shortlist

“The Pulsar is a true car replacement motorhome,” claims the Wildax website, and there’s no denying that this would be an ideal daily driver. What’s clever about the design is how much is packed into the camper’s 5.4m length: there’s a decent-sized kitchen and even a washroom, too, making this a really comfortable vehicle even on longer tours.

The kit list is impressive, too. There are heated fresh- and waste-water tanks, an underslung refillable LPG tank, a 100Ah leisure battery, Truma Combi heating, a 90-litre fridge, a three-burner hob, and oven and grill, and much more.

Practicality is key here: there are two travel seats in the rear which can be converted into either two single beds, or a roomy double. We also love the fact that there are sliding doors on either side of the Pulsar, too – they feature flyscreen doors, so you can throw them back during the summer without having to worry about insect intruders.

These are the 2 berth motorhomes we shortlisted at last year’s Awards:

These are the ‘vans that made it onto our shortlist for the best two berth motorhome at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023. Last year, the winner was the Joa Camp 75Q – we really liked the excellent value it provides, as well as its bright interior.

The Joa Camp 75Q

Joa Camp 75Q

  • Price: £59,500
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2825kg
  • Payload: 675kg
  • Length: 7.4m
  • Width: 2.30m

Reason to buy:

  • Great value, bright interior

Reason to avoid:

  • It’s on a higher chassis, so you have more steps up into it

This island bed model from Pilote’s new Citroen-based budget range can with different options sleep as many as five people. But we think you might best enjoy it in standard fitting, with an island bed at the back, a spacious side wardrobe, and a kitchen with plenty of storage space if not a huge amount of work space. And while the front lounge has more than enough space for the two of you, you will find that if you ever have to transport some extra passengers there are no fewer than three travel seats you can assemble out of the settees in no time at all.

You shouldn’t have the usual kind of struggling and finger trapping that such arrangements can entail. While on the outside the van looks very box-like, it is enlivened with a splash of turquoise in the decals.

Full review: Joa Camp 75Q

Globecar Roadscout R Elegance

The Globecar Roadscout R Elegance
The Globecar Roadscout R Elegance
  • Price: £58,189
  • Berths: 2 (optional 3rd)
  • MTPLM: 3300kg
  • MiRO: 2720kg
  • Payload: 580kg
  • Length: 5.41m
  • Width: 2.05m

Reasons to buy:

  • Above average kitchen and washroom for a van conversion

Reasons to avoid:

  • No wardrobe
  • No washroom window

If you’re looking for a two berth motorhome that offers a relaxed touring experience, the Globecar Roadscout R Elegance is worth considering.

There are plenty of clever touches throughout. For instance, if you’re a fan of outdoor eating, the inclusion of a curved light on the outside of the kitchen peninsula will provide some lighting for the immediate area outside the ‘van, allowing alfresco dining even as dusk descends.

The kitchen is above average for a van conversion. Here, you get a two-burner hob and a sink, with the latter having taps and controls that can fold flat, giving you some useful extra work space after integrating the sink cover.

A tambour door seals off the decent washroom, where the basin tap doubles up as a shower head, although we found it erred on the gloomy side, as there’s no window in here.

UK models come with a third bed, which is technically a cost option. This is made up in the front dinette with an extra platform.

Our judges were impressed by the storage on offer beneath the rear bed, although we would like to have seen a wardrobe.

Full review: Globecar Roadscout R Elegance

Carthago Liner for Two I53

The Carthago Liner for Two I53
The Carthago Liner for Two I53
  • Price: £157,040
  • MTPLM: 4800kg
  • Payload: TBC
  • Length: 7.83m
  • Width: 2.27m

Reason to buy:

  • Once parked up you almost forget you are in a motorhome

Reason to avoid:

  • The Fiat-based version can feel a bit underpowered

Since its launch in 2019 the liner-for-two has been the “go to” van that many couples probably think of when dreaming about heading off into the sunset. That’s because even in this, the shorter version of the the vehicle, you still get two single drop down beds at the front, a washroom spread across the centre with a separate rain shower, and a C-shaped rear lounge complete with an extendable lounger seat from which you can watch a 40in TV.

In a refresh this season, Carthago has upped the offer with a new floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, a new optional office spade behind the cab, softer edges to the drop-down beds, and slide-out wine racks behind the cocktail cabinets in the rear corners. And you get new exterior graphics.

Rapido C55i

The Rapido C55i 
The Rapido C55i
  • Price: TBC
  • MiRO: TBC
  • Payload: TBC
  • Length: TBC
  • Width: 2.17m

Reason to buy:

  • Great space inside a nifty little van, and it’s an A-class too

Reason to avoid:

  • Interior is a bit pale and samey

The C55i is part of Rapido’s new-ish compact range designed to make it easier to tour around city streets and windy country lanes. Since its inception a couple of years ago, the range has been all low-profile. We actually gave the low-profile version of this van, with single beds in the back, a 4.5-star rating in Practical Motorhome earlier this year.

The lounge set up in the Rapido C55i 

Now, newly launched at Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, comes this A-class motorhome, along with A-class version of one other van in the low-profile range, the island bed C86i. That means you can get all the things we liked in the low-profile van, such as the extra long beds, the surprisingly roomy front lounge and of course the large garage, with an integrated front facade that should be better at keeping the heat in and road noise out.

We also recommend the following 2 berth motorhomes from recent years…

There are other standout 2 berth motorhomes on the market from recent years – we reveal our pick of the bunch here.

VW Grand California (2020)

Often seen as the ‘cool’ campervan option, VW campervans have thrived for decades, and this new offering in a slightly larger van conversion looks to be just as popular.

The Grand California initially debuted two years ago as a concept ‘van at Düsseldorf’s Caravan Salon show. It’s based on the second-generation VW Crafter, but has been converted to right-hand drive for the UK market.

Available in two different layouts – the transverse-bed 600 and the slightly longer fixed-twin-bed 680 – the Grand California offers comfortable sleeping options, plenty of storage and, unlike the original Californias, an impressive washroom.

The major downfall of this ‘van is the price tag, but VWs are known for holding their value, so some may find it justifiable given the kit level and practicality of this motorhome.

Elddis Autoquest CV60 (2020)

As winner of our Best High-Top Van Conversion category of the Motorhome of the Year Awards last year, you can be sure that this 2 berth motorhome has some impressive credentials.

Also known as the Compass Avantgarde CV60, the layout includes a rear French bed, a rarity in van conversions. The bed can also be folded up to become a daybed and create a very comfortable rear lounge, essentially giving you both a front dining area and a rear lounge/bedroom in a sub-6m ‘van.

Unlike most Elddis van conversions, this motorhome is based on a Fiat Ducato, which means you could soon upgrade to Fiat’s new nine-speed auto-gearbox (at a cost). The sub-6m length is also a bonus, making it much easier to fit in regular parking spaces.

Find out more about the special features of this two berth van conversion in our full review.

Frankia M-Line T7400 QD (2019)

The rear island bed M-Line T7400 QD, based on a Mercedes Sprinter, is a great option for couples that want top spec and might have passengers to transport during the day, as it has 4 belted travel seats.

It is sister ‘van to the T7400 GD, which scooped the Luxury Motorhome over 3500kg award in 2019’s Motorhome of the Year Awards.

This ‘van certainly has plenty of luxury details, and it looks the part, too. It’s also well winterised, making it great for year-round touring, and has an impressive payload for carrying plenty of kit for longer tours.

In our full review, you can find out about all the extra luxury touches that Frankia has bestowed on this top-of-the-line low profile model.

Bailey Autograph 69-2 (2020)

The Autograph range is Bailey’s luxury line, and it was given a complete overhaul for the 2020 season.

In the 69-2 you get a rear lounge that is nearly 20cm longer than that of the 68-2, which makes quite a difference when it comes to using the settees as single beds. As such, this makes a very comfortable motorhome for two. Of course, you can also make that rear lounge up into a spacious double using pull-out slats.

This motorhome is particularly well designed for those that use a range of digital devices when on tour – there are plenty of USB charging points to go around.

To find out more about the great features of this model, read our full review.

Hymer B-Class MC T 600 (2020)

Hymer has also based a range on the Mercedes Sprinter, with the a new addition to this ‘Modern Comfort’ range coming in the form of the T 600.

It’s as luxurious as you might expect, with a superb build quality and high spec level, including plenty of additional options that could quickly up the price.

The layout consists of twin singles in the rear above a large garage, with a modest lounge up front and a central kitchen and washroom.

To find out exactly what extras you might want to add (and there’s a long list of possibilities), read our review of the T600.

Malibu Van Charming Coupé (2020)

As an off-shoot from Carthago, you can expect great build quality, even in this more affordable sub-brand. The range includes two models; we’ve tested the 600 DB which has a transverse double, and there’s also the 640 LE which has twin single beds or a longitudinal double.

There are, of course, plenty of upgrade packages that could push the price up, but you know you’re getting high quality upgrades and stylish design.

For the UK market, it is right-hand drive, and if you do go for some of those option packs, you can have parking sensors, cruise control, cab and lounge speakers and much more.

The layout is a staple for van conversions – dinette up front, off-side kitchen, a mid-ships washroom and the bed at the rear. The washroom is a Malibu speciality – a ‘3-in-1 flexi-bathroom’ that feels much more spacious than you often get in van conversions.

To find out more about Malibu’s unique design touches like porthole windows, read our full review.

Murvi Pimento XL (2020)

Murvi’s latest van conversion boasts a spacious front lounge with a comfortable side sofa. Murvi is also known for being particularly flexible in the kitchen, with a number of appliance configurations. The basic set-up is L-shaped, with lots of lockers and clever storage solutions.

There’s also a washroom in the offside rear corner, although it isn’t the largest and the shower is created by extending the tap fixture and pulling a curtain around.

There’s a choice of sleeping arrangements thanks to a tweak in the seating area – you can either set it up as two single beds or a double, with the bed base sliding out on smooth floor rails.

One of the main luxuries of this conversion is the massive rear storage locker – in fact, storage is a real strength of this design. Find out more in our full review of this Ford Transit-based van conversion.

Pilote Pacific 696D Essentiel (2020)

This is an impressive ‘van for couples, with lots of storage and two fold-out travel seats as standard that allow you to take passengers with you on your adventures.

We reviewed a model with a £340 optional extra double bed, made up from the spacious front seating area, but as standard you get a comfortable drop-down double.

That large front lounge is certainly luxurious, with added touches like plenty of lighting. The kitchen offering is bulked up with a GB Edition Pack, but that does take away from the storage capacity.

You step up into the rear washroom, which is separated with a tambour door, to make space below for the impressive garage space.

To find out more about this ‘van’s pros and cons, check our full review.

WildAx Elara (2019)

Another impressive van conversion, from Rapido-owned WildAx, comes on a Mercedes Sprinter base and has an unusual, rather luxurious feature.

Unusually for a van conversion, this model boasts an island bed in the rear. Granted, it takes up almost half the length of the ‘van, but it is supremely comfortable and if you’re touring as a couple, the slightly smaller lounge seems a fair pay-off.

The bed also means that you get a large storage space beneath it for storing kit.

The rest of the ‘van isn’t bad, either, with a well-equipped kitchen where you’ll find a 142-litre fridge – very generous for a 2 berth!

Read more about this surprisingly spacious van conversion in our full review.

Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus (2019)

This good-looking ‘van has smart design both inside and out. It takes the popular front lounge from the Symbol and marries it with the much-liked L-shaped kitchen and rear washroom of the Stanway model. A clever move from Auto-Sleeper.

This layout, along with some clever design touches, appealed to our judges in the 2019 Motorhome of the Year Awards, who awarded it Best High-top Van Conversion.

Praise indeed! But not particularly surprising when you look at features such as those included in the optional Premium and Winter Packs (the latter is added as standard unless you request otherwise), the exceptionally well-thought-out kitchen space and touches like the dressing room partition.

Read about all the special features of this ‘van in our detailed review.

How we choose the best 2-berth motorhome

There’s a difference between a 2 berth ‘van and a couples’ motorhome – the latter doesn’t necessarily need to have two berths, and can instead offer more options. In comparison, a two berth motorhome is just that. When we’re judging this category, we look out for the value for money the 2 berth motorhome provides, the ease of using the washroom and kitchen, and the space it offers, amongst other things.

Practical Motorhome launched in 2001, and since then, we’ve been regularly putting the latest ‘vans to the test – many of these can be found in our motorhome reviews section. We make sure each test is fair, and draw attention to both the positives and negatives. Head to our About Us page to find out more about our testing process.

We also gain a further valuable insight through our Owner Satisfaction Experience, where our readers let us know about their buying experience.

Combining this puts us in a good position to draw up our list, which we then whittle down to give us our final shortlist.

In this guide, we’ll explain why each ‘van is included in our best two berth motorhome list.

If you’re looking for a bit more space than these 2 berths motorhomes, you might want to look at our Best 4-berth motorhomes or, for families, Best 6-berth motorhomes. Otherwise check the rest of our motorhome reviews to see if there might be a camper, van conversion, coachbuilt or A-class more suited to your touring needs. We’re adding more all the time, so don’t forget to check back.

New to touring and undecided whether to opt for a motorhome or touring caravan? You could always check out the Best 2-berth caravans, over on sister site Practical Caravan.

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